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Hear from our People

Are you wondering...

1)  Why should I have a career at Nilex?
2)  What do Nilex employees enjoy most about their job?
3)  What do Nilex employees most appreciate about Nilex?

We asked some of our employees to provide answers to these questions.

Here's what they had to say...

Chris' Reply

Title: Key Account Manager, Vancouver
Nilexian Since: 1992

There are lots of opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. Good people, good atmosphere of fun, hard work, fast paced. I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, create new relationships, and grow older relationships. Seeing the impact and legacies of the projects we work on like Whistler Sliding Centre, Low Level Road and South Fraser as well as many others. Doing the right thing for the customer and Nilex. Nilex employees appreciate having the opportunity to turn business relationships into personal relationships, changing the face of the lower mainland with all the products and services we offer. The opportunity to grow personally and work with good people.

Khaled Hosso

Title: Project Manager, Edmonton
Nilexian Since: 2013

You achieve great satisfaction if your job can help someone have a better future, what if your job could help the whole nation have a better environment? At Nilex we help protect the environment by providing ​engineering ​solutions that require less non-renewable resources as well as reduce carbon emissions, compared to traditional building methods. And I'm a proud member of the team that make this happen. As a proud Construction Project Manager for Nilex, my job is exciting, it is one that combines management with leadership. Every new project brings in a set of new challenges and as I turn it over to clients, it leaves me with more confidence, experience and positive additions to my skills and techniques. What distinguishes Nilex is the family atmosphere that rules the behavior of all employees; you can feel it directly when you step into our office. As I commute to work daily, I feel I'm going to my second home. No matter what role they perform, Nilex employees are friendly, hard working and always willing to help. They do their job with dignity and passion.

Colton Adair

I love working at Nilex because of the friendly people and welcoming environment. Every day at Nilex is a new and exciting adventure.

IT Systems Administrator, Nilexian since 2010

Joel's Perspective

Title: Inside Sale Representative, Saskatoon
Nilexian Since: 2012

Nilex has always been a customer-first company. When a company respects the customers as much as Nilex does, it makes the decision to be a part of this family easy. Being part of a team is easy. Although here at Nilex we understand that if we work together with all of the offices we can ensure that we help our customers with more knowledge then they ever anticipated. The team atmosphere is what I enjoy most. Nilex has given me the opportunity to bring out my best skills. They trust the employees and push us to thrive and advance. It's this I respect most about Nilex.

Julie Plouffe

I enjoy working at Nilex because of the culture that it has developed. Nilex is comprised of a group of motivated employees that collaborate strongly as a team but also allows for the development of individual brilliance. I am delighted to be a part of this group.

Customer Service Rep, Containment

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