Paving & Surfacing

The intrusion of water through surface cracks is a major source of deterioration in paved roadways. Nilex pavement interlayer systems provide reinforcement, water-proofing, and stress-absorption to extend pavement and roadway life.

GlasGrid® Pavement Reinforcement System
When GlasGrid Reinforcement Mesh is "sandwiched" between the leveling and surface course asphalt, it becomes a road’s hidden strength. This system is designed to resist the migration of reflective cracks by horizontally turning and dissipating crack stresses.

When used in conjunction with an asphalt tack coat, the Petromat system forms an asphalt membrane interlayer within the pavement. This layer acts as a barrier to surface water infiltration and absorbs stress, improving resistance to pavement fatigue and reflective cracking .

Petrotac is an easy-to-install "peel-and-stick" pavement repair membrane. It is readily applied to seal localized areas of pavement distress including joints, cracks and repaired pot holes. It can also be used on bridge decks. Petrotac forms a water-proof, stress-relieving interlayer that resists reflective and fatigue cracking.