Vertical Drainage

In vertical drainage applications, Nilex products replace or enhance conventional aggregate drainage systems used against structures such as retaining walls, foundation walls, bridge abutments, lagging walls and soil-nailing applications.

Prefabricated drainage systems are easy to install and save money. These systems are also better for the environment by minimizing the amount of drainage aggregate processed and transported to the project site.

Nilex Nudrain WD10, WD15, WD 15(WP) and PD20
The Nudrain WD and PD series of drainage products consist of an impermeable polypropylene sheet cuspated under heat and pressure to form a high-flow dimpled drainage core.

Nilex NuDrain DN50-1
NuDrain DN50 consists of a heavy-duty, high density polyethylene geonet drainage core with ridges heat-fused to a layer of nonwoven geotextile. The geotextile retains soil or sand particles as well as freshly placed concrete or grout, allowing filtered water to pass into the drainage core. DN50 is available with geotextile on one or both sides.