Recreational & Landscape Drainage

Nilex drainage products are often used in recreational and landscape drainage applications as economical and environmentally friendly options to conventional aggregate drains such as French or trench drains.

Athletic Field Drainage

Nilex offers several types of strip drain configurations to suit a variety of applications including roads, playing fields and golf courses, venting systems, and other applications requiring chimney or rock drains.

Nilex NuDrain materials provide significant cost and environmental savings by minimizing the amount of spoil material that is excavated and transported from site and the amount of drainage aggregate processed, transported and placed on site.

Nilex NuDrain strip drains consist of an expanded polymer core encapsulated by a highly permeable geotextile wrap. This design provides an effective, economical alternative to the conventional aggregate drain and filter structures. Significant savings are found in the excavation of a narrower trench and the reduction in importing drainage aggregate means lower cost and the reduced use of a non-renewable resource.

Multi-Flow Strip Drain
Used in a variety of drainage applications, the Multi-Flow systems features round drainage channels that provide a large surface area for water collection and a highly efficient means for moving excess water from saturated soils. The Multi-Flow system includes connectors, tees and other fittings to facilitate installation.

Nilex NuDrain™ Strip Drain
The Nilex NuDrain Strip Drain series used as a replacement for conventional french drain structures in roads, parks and playing fields. NuDrain is also used for foundation drainage, retaining walls, saturated soil dewatering and see page interception.