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Beaver Hill Road Rehabilitation

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TriAx Geogrid meets budgetary requirements and reduces maintenance costs.

Lac La Biche County’s goal was to create a safe, modern and welcoming entrance to Lac La Biche. Beaver Hill Road will not only beautify one of the community’s main corridors, it will set a standard that the county will use in future projects.


Lac La Biche, Alberta

Project Partners

Owner: Lac La Biche County
Consultant: WSP Canada Inc.
Contractor: E-Construction Ltd.
Completion Date: September 2013


Beaver Hill Road had reflective cracking and required extensive annual maintenance. The rehabilitation project was originally designed with a woven geotextile under 500 mm of granular which would have been over budget due to the expensive aggregates in the region. The County of Lac La Biche needed a permanent solution that would come in under budget.


Using SpectraPave4-PRO Software, which analyzes a variety of support and loading conditions and serviceability constraints, Nilex was able to demonstrate that using TriAx TX5 geogrid and Nilex 4545 non-woven geotextile would provide the client with 200 mm granular savings in addition to decreasing the sub-cut while doubling the life expectancy of the road.


The site was graded and compacted to meet the design specification. Nilex 4545 non-woven geotextile was placed on prepared subgrade followed by the TX5 geogrid and 300 mm of granular.


Nilex’s recommended solution of TriAx TX5 geogrid and Nilex 4545 non-woven geotextile allowed the client to save 200 mm of granular (4,500 m3 of rock), reducing the number of truckloads to site by 40%. Using Nilex’s Innovation Calculator, we estimate the client was able to save approximately $340,000 in materials, labour and placement costs using TriAx TX5 while reducing the carbon footprint by 9% (86 tonnes of CO2). TX5 geogrid and Nilex 4545 non-woven geotextile kept the project within budget and will reduce future maintenance costs.


The Nilex Advantage

Nilex is committed to unearthing better results. Whether it’s for a civil, resource or environmental project, we offer the latest engineered and technically superior materials and techniques to save our customers time and money, and minimize the need to move or remove earth, and reduce the need for granular materials.

With over 35 years experience, a long-standing commitment to the environment and highly qualified staff, Nilex delivers the products and technologies that give clients an economic advantage with environmental benefit.

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